Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Consolidated site domain language

home page miguel-proenç
entry page miguel-proenç
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In the process of consolidating  domains, websites and languages, the sites and .org are in the same domain, at http://miguel-proenç

One of the more delicate questions to solve is that of letters with accent, case of the "ç" as its interpretation can be ambiguous

depending on the browser text encoding; the "disambiguated" version is and this is how it appears in some search engines and in some cases in the address bar. I expect this question will gradually be sorted out and Portuguese and other non-English addresses wil display properly. To enter the English version of the site just enter /en/ after the homepage address, for Portuguese /pt/.  To avoid possible character encoding issues, and .com redirect to the new domain.

English: http://miguel-proenç 
 Portuguese: http://miguel-proenç
  Enjoy and thank you for sharing!

artigo em Português >

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