Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Winter Postcards - José Bacelar

© José Bacelar, Winter Postcards, 2014
José Bacelar, Winter Postcards, 2014
© José Bacelar, Winter Postcards, 2014
José Bacelar, Winter Postcards, 2014
I have followed José Bacelar’s work with interest since the late 90’s, a work that moves me in a particular and incisive way. The photographic origins in the documental black and white tradition continues to be clearly recognizable (1).
Looking at the prints several ideias emerge clear, become pungent: fragments, conscience, contemplation, passing of time, intimacy, fatherhood, are the ones I share here. If the content itself is substancial and pungent, the form in which it is given us to see reinforces key ideias of the work.

A “raw“ and intense black and white with dimensions that lead us to look closer and also feel the incisive contained within each print. The display of this work in a relaxed and lively setting provides an invitation to absorb, to interiorize, layer by layer, this vibrant set narrative. Bring on spring, summer and everything else - thank you JB!

Exhibition info:
Tittle: Postais de inverno - Winter PostcardsOpen until 14 of june at Espaço Cultural Pedro Remy in Braga.
José Bacelar Bio, sinopsis and other info at  http://makingarthappen.com
For an additional image see the  Post in Portuguese.

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